Discover Feminist Fashion

Feminist fashion embraces the relationship we have with our clothes, meaning we transform the traditional standards of women. The feminist woman is self-determined. She is a rebel and holds a lot of passion for dressing in clothes that symbolise their feminist side. One famous feminist is Coco Chanel. Coco established one of the most successful iconic brands of the century, Chanel. She continues to inspire us. In Coco’s time, she was quite a rebel. Coco was an orphan. A nun at her orphanage taught her how to sew. At 20 years old, she sang at a cabaret. Here is where she picked up her nickname “Coco”.  She later started designing hats for her new wealthy friends. The most powerful moment for Coco happened in the flapper era (1920s). She challenged the rules of fashion for women.

I believe the flapper era started the freedom for women. It was a very feminist era. Women sought to be free. Women desired to do whatever the hell they wanted. Coco adapted to the flapper era. In Coco’s designs, there was a complete lack of waist belts, corsets and tights. She cut long dresses. She even made the dresses lose and straight. She didn’t play by anyone’s rules. Coco is truly inspiring. “I decided who I wanted to be, and that is who I am,”- Coco Chanel.

The Ethos

I only desire to wear the feminist fashion that describes me. I believe that clothes represent who you are, and also your personality. Including, whatever you desire to be perceived as. Whatever you are wearing is essential. To sense what you feel. To admire something you have in front of you. COE girls represent, adventurous, strong-willed women. These hand-picked pieces have inspired me. Be sure to wear your COE piece like you’re the hottest b*tch in this room; because you are.  Let me guide you into being the ultimate COE Girl.

COE x Alexa Pique Artist Silk Dress

Outfit idea for the black silk Artist Dress. Which includes accessories and beauty.

Your COE x Alexa Pique dress has just arrived. You spend the whole afternoon obsessing regarding how to style her, so you’re the best dressed? From one COE girl, to another.  I want to inspire you. So imagine it’s date night on a Friday. The COE x AP dress is light, silky yet hugs your body in all the right places. Match the COE x AP dress with a red pair of sandals. I recommend pairing red sandals with your lipstick. Certainly, you can wear the dress wherever; even to Sunday girl’s brunch.

Tamar Wide Leg Silk Trousers

Outfit idea for the silk Tamar Wide Leg Pant. Pair with a red ruffle top and white cowboy boots.

I am still wearing boots during the summer, aren’t you? COE Girl TIP: Be sure to use baby powder in the boots. 

Make an entrance says COE. COE Tamar Silk trousers feel fun, light, and accommodating. Simply, pair Tamar trousers with a ruffle top and subtle cowboy boots. She can be worn on any occasion and weather. 

Eve Silk Dress

Make an entrance with this outfit idea for the Eve Silk Gown. More gold, with eye catching hoops, a ring for every finger and gold chunky platforms.

Get your class on with the Eve Silk dress. A statement dress is what every girl needs. I envision myself in a small city in Italy.  I am drinking an espresso in a boutique cafe. It’s exceedingly sunny out, so I pair my Eve dress with a straw hat. If we were in SATC, Carrie would approve of these platforms. I do love a good pair of gold platforms. The Eve dress refuses to be overlooked.

Becki Mesh Top

Outfit idea for the Becki Mesh Top. Team with killer heels, a harness and that all important ruffle denim skirt.

Last but not least, for the fashionistas. Some crave simplicity, and some crave edge. I need at least one extravagant outfit. Becki mesh top has flexibility that motivates me. If you require to make a statement that keeps everyone talking about your; whereabouts. Pair your Becki mesh top under a harness. Take the asymmetrical skirt to make it top notch. If you really want to make an entrance, footwear spiralling or strappy. If you’re blessed enough, get a thigh high. As far as accessories, get creative. There are no limits. I’m sure you’ll end up front row at Haute Couture.

The Next Level

Style is really about pushing yourself to the next level. It might seem uncomfortable but as a COE girl; you ought to take risks. 😉

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