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Independent Fashion guide with Nejilka

Independent Fashion is….

Independent Fashion is a privately owned business. They’re free from external control such as public limited companies. In the last year, it has been a booming business. Since the environmental issues have been made accessible to the public; a percentage of consumers like myself are only supporting independent eco brands. I remember back in 2014-2017, independent brands were closing due to the competition from fast-fashion. Fast-fashion promotes unbelievable low prices. It serves as a supply and demand kind of business. But, at what cost? It causes excess quantities of unnecessary clothing, environmental havoc and slave labour in developing nations. It is difficult for independent brands to guarantee their financial security, profit or even success. Unlike fast-fashion, independent fashion brings a fresh approach using careful production, sustainable materials and long-lasting quality. If we had more consumers who brought sustainable fashion from independent fashion designers; the costs of sustainable fashion could drop and be accessible to everyone. 

The Ethos

COE is an Independent Fashion business founded by Alanna Wain. Independent fashion designer Alanna Wain focuses on quality, style and individuality. She is also focused on making women feel empowered with the clothes they wear. Here at COE, we do not concentrate on what sells, we focus and celebrate creativity.

Mai Tie Sweat Dress

Mai Tie Sweat Dress outfit and accessory pairings

Mai Tie Sweat Dress makes you want to redefine fashion norms. She lets you explore future fashion. She is independent. And she doesn’t need heels to prove it. Pair the Mai Dress with flat thigh-high boots. Add a statement earring and some rings. Remember, you are the boss lady. Let the straps and reflective ‘Stay Brutal’ badge be the guide to your highest element.

Svea Frill Neck Tee

Svea Frill Neck Tee outfit and accessory pairings

Casual everyday wear can be dull sometimes. We at COE love to make an entrance whatever the occasion. Try our statement frill neck tee. It’s casual yet easy enough to wear with anything. All it takes is a little inspiration to bring you to the next level. Keep it casual or throw on a blazer to get that professional look. Give this look a little edge with twisted denim skirt/shorts. Add white knee-high boots for that all important Fall look. The accessories we’ll leave that to you. 

Ananova Silk Gown & Skinny Winning Check Scarf

Ananova Silk Gown styling ideas

Now if you are more daring and want to stand out the Ananova Silk Gown is just for you. While the weather gets chilly it doesn’t have to be all dark, brown colours. Be that colourful in the bunch. I would add the Skinny Winning Check Scarf for season-appropriate attire. She is powerful and makes a statement. She wears low heels because of the cobblestones. The accessories are minimal and bring this entire look together. She is a diva but she knows exactly what she wants, how to get it and how to make it worth her while.

COE Organic Fitted Tee

COE Organic Fitted Tee outfit and accessory pairings

A basic white tee is an essential item in everyone’s wardrobe. It is a must-have. To some fashionistas, it is so-called boring or uninspiring. We at COE believe the contrary. A basic tee is sometimes all you need to jazz up your outfit. For example, our COE girl is heavily influenced by the ’90s and modern tailoring. She wears a leather bolero and a leather ruffled skirt, with her COE tee. Make it fashion and use a pair of victorian lace-up boots. COE is anything but basic. 


Just how we are what we eat; we are what we purchase. 


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