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Sustainable fashion is a campaign for change in fashion production. The world’s second  largest polluter is fashion. We need to consider producing environmentally friendly clothes. Brands should use materials that are recycled, natural and organic. These materials would cut tons of fresh water being used. However, the issues remain deeper than addressing textiles or products. A number of microplastic fibres end up in our oceans. Being environmentally friendly, we can improve the waste in our landfills. We wouldn’t need to use so many chemicals to make certain garments.  A lot of clothing is made from Rayon, Modal and Viscose. Here is one of the causes of destructing the trees/forests. If we use Lyocell or Tencel we would have more oxygen and less deconstruction. We could cut the degradation of soil in half by choosing fibres environment-friendly to the soil. The queen of sustainable fashion is Stella Mc Cartney. Linda Mc Cartney; mother of Stella Mc Cartney was an animal rights activist. Stella grew up being a strict vegetarian. In her adolescence, she began designing her own garments. She turned her eco-friendly, sustainable designs into a luxury company. Stella launched a campaign Anti-Leather with PETA. Her remarkable devotion to the environment makes her one of the top sustainable fashion designers in the world. Stella Mc Cartney is a good example of how we should lead our lives in a sustainable fashion. It is our duty to protect the environment. Recycle your clothes, repeat outfits; nobody’s judging. 

The Ethos

I am not a vegan. However, COE makes it easy and effortless to contribute to the environment. COE uses eco-friendly fabrics, manufacturing, and use recycled materials wherever they can. I repeat outfits all the time.  When a certain piece is just not my style anymore; I cut it up until it’s something new. This is a COE guide to sustainable fashion.

Ada Cut-out Mesh Top 1

Ada Cut-out Mesh Top Styling Ideas

Some tops never make it out of 2018. Goodbye lace tops. Say hello to the Cut-Out Mesh Top. She’s just got her Ada Cut-out Mesh Top. She is confident. She is easy to wear; can be worn with anything. Light and bright enough to wear throughout the summer. Opt for a polished look; straight leg jeans, studded belt, white pointed boots and matching bag. It is the ultimate day to night wardrobe look.

Ada Cut-out Mesh Top 2

Ada Cut-out Mesh Top Styling Ideas

Are you going to a festival this summer? You can always opt for the tomboy-sexy  look. The key for this season is to tone your outfit; so your mesh top is the statement. Wear your Ada Cut-out top with baggy trousers and trainers. Opt for a silver chain or silver bag. 

Hydra Grey Cut-out Sleeve 1

Hydra Grey Cut-out Sleeve Styling Ideas

An ultimate classic wardrobe piece is a grey sweater. Our Hydra Grey Cut-Out is an alternative to your old grey sweatshirt. We did a few tweaks and made it ultra-chic for you. Pair it with your trendy cycling shorts. Be daring, add multiple belts and a pair of mules. Walk out the door looking inspired by Chanel S/S 1988.

Hydra Grey Cut-out Sleeve 2

Hydra Grey Cut-out Sleeve Styling Ideas

Another daring style is to add your Cut-out grey sweater is to pair it with a long skirt and Birkenstocks. Spice it up with a cute small bag and jewellery. Picture it’s September, it is getting a little chilly. You’re getting a  coffee at your favourite coffee shop. This is the foolproof outfit for just a casual day. Let’s stay comfy though still chic. 

Stellar Asymmetrical Silk Dress 1

Stellar Asymmetrical Silk Dress Styling Ideas

From day to evening looks. Our Stellar dress is a head-turner. It is the ultimate holiday dress. She could even be your date night dress. Imagine being on holiday in Greece. You ordered your fresh Mediterranean salad at that local restaurant with the most impeccable view of the sun setting. 

Stellar Asymmetrical Silk Dress 2

Stellar Asymmetrical Silk Dress Styling Ideas

Precisely, the perfect dress for any event. Step-up your Summer to Autumn dress game. Instead of wearing sandals, go for something edgier like knee-high boots. Imagine, you’re at an event walking around like you own the place.

Vista Mesh Insert Top 1

Vista Mesh Insert Top Styling Ideas

Looking for an everyday wear piece or a statement piece can be hard. This Vista Mesh Insert top speaks for itself. You can pair your Vista Top with denim and call it a day. It’s the top that you don’t need to overthink. I’d pair it with Bermuda denim and thigh high boots for those cold summer nights. 

Vista Mesh Insert Top 2

Vista Mesh Insert Top Styling Ideas

Although, I love a pair of Bermuda’s paired with our Vista Mesh Top; a denim skirt is also another killer look. The Vista Mesh top is an incredibly flexible top. She can be paired with an asymmetrical skirt, mesh socks, kitten heels and a cute matching bag. It’s the modern clueless girl. However, Cher might say  “Ugh, as if!”. 

3: WE Recycle

It’s environmentally chic to repeat and recycle clothes.

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