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In our function to promote diversity and ‘self-expression’,  the COE team have been on the lookout for creative individuals who share the same vision.

Alexa Piqué and The Self-Love Series

Earlier in the year our COE founder came across art curator Alexa Piqué and The Self-Love Series. She instantly fell in love with the way Alexa illustrated a key transitional time of growth in a woman’s life, where they find empowerment, through a period of ‘self-acceptance’, realisation and ’self-love’. Almost a diary in the form of art illustration’s or as Alexa would say “selfies”.

A Three-Piece Collection

COE x Alexa Piqué is a three piece collection, which was designed to celebrate equality and female empowerment.

Alexa Pique


From the Artist

Alexa: “I was born and raised in Montreal, Canada. I studied Athletic Physiotherapy in University, and after two years, I was able to build up enough courage to drop out and take some time to experience life enough to let my true passions flow and develop. I always had an artistic way of thinking and seeing, but I wasn’t able to express it fully until 2013, at age 23.

I was inspired by my surroundings and environment at this time. I was in love with a visionary and we were living together in a dreamy loft. He was a clothing designer and an intellect, a true Source of inspiration for me. One day, he suggested we take a trip to the art store together. We bought a bunch of paint supplies and created together at home. He went to play hockey that night, and left me alone with a canvas. I created something so beautiful and powerful, and when he walked in the door at 1AM, the reaction on his face sparked a voice inside of me that said “this is what I should be doing”. It became a serious hobby.

In June of 2015, my visionary and I moved to San Diego, California. I was consistently creating via various mediums throughout this time. While I was making (the healthiest) green smoothies and local Farmer’s Markets, I spotted Dóri Varga, the creator of TRIBE de MAMA with her family, and made my way towards her to introduce myself. We connected instantly as friends, and a few weeks later I was hired to be the Artistic Editor for the magazine. California opened up a doorway to myself. One which expanded my mind through spirituality, emotion, intellect, and love. Unfortunately, my love and I parted ways. This was the time when I started to illustrate these Selfies of Women who were in love with themselves; the Self-Love series. They were created through experiencing Truth. I stayed in California for a few more weeks after the break-up, and made my way back home to Canada. I indulged in my art there, and took advantage of my emotion and strength.

After 8 months, I had my first exhibition where my paint series inspired by the relativity of nature and my Self-Love series were displayed. I had a sold out show! A week later (June 2016), I moved to Berlin and found a job curating an exhibit at a fine art gallery. I quickly realised there was something missing in Berlin and very spontaneously made my way down to San Pera de Ribes, Spain, and traveled to Perafita and Sitges as well. I am currently in Barcelona until the beginning of October. I’m continuously pulling inspiration from Spain, and found what was missing from Berlin; warmth. Warm tones, warm people, warm weather, warm water, warm thoughts. Recently, Dóri approached me with an opportunity and offered to become my manager, of course I agreed. I just finished my newest series which focuses on the relationship between quantum physics & spirituality, which will be for sale in a few weeks. Currently, I am working for TRIBE de MAMA, painting, practicing Reiki, and I will be heading to India to become a Yoga instructor in less than a month.

The Self-Love series was created during a time in my life when growth was crucial. I began a journey which was focused on myself, on my power, my intuition, my dreams, my reality. I realised that nothing else could exist the way I wanted it to without the ability to love myself. Each illustration was created during a time of realisation, of truth, of a new-found respect for who I was deep inside. They are imperfect “selfies” that depict key moments of growth and confidence in my life.
If you realize anything today, I want it to be this:

You are incredible. You are strong, powerful, unique, inspiring, smart — you are beautiful because you are all of these things.

I want you to surrender to yourself, I want you to fall in love with your ability to just be… I want you to sit there, and be still, and think about how enchanting your mind is, and how deep you can feel. Why? Because the most important thing about you is your ability to love yourself. This is everything. This is the reason for consciously existing, the reason for smiling, and the beginning of a new found love. Without you, the world could never be as beautiful as it is.”

The ‘Self-Love’ series by Alexa Piqué    

The Pieces

Alexa-Milena Piqué


COE x Alexa Piqué will be available online on the 5th December. Any enquiries please contact

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