AW17 Exotic Era


Inspired by the cultural changes in society and the acceptance and growth of a multi-racial and diverse world, it is this idea that people are products of society, which has inspired the Exotic Era collection, a new era, which is unusual, exciting and intriguing.

Utilizing a neutral colour palette with pops of orange, red and highlights of bronze metal and a wide variety of fabrics to create a hybrid feel to the collection, the collection’s aesthetic aims to celebrate the female form. Signature high waist, new cut out trousers with print, tape and embroidery details convey a sense of female empowerment. Layers are used to create the illusion of layers to people, and that people have different preferences, which may change. Mixing together fabrics that don’t usually belong together provide an anti-aspect to the designs.

Filmed and edited by Sebastian Luke-Virgo and Richard Taylor during LFW Feb 2017.

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