Tear it open and at its core, Conflict of Ego is a philosophy clothed by a brand – not the other way around. Every collection bleeds a socio-political topic, cut from the designer’s heart. Using design and aesthetic to telegraph evocative messages to provoke thought, the brand looks to, quite literally, ‘embody’ through design, cut, and textile, the cultural changes at work in our society, ultimately aiming to promote a message of free thinking and growth within our diverse world that is born to last.

Alanna, the designer behind the label, has a strong focus on serving the complex and volatile ego of women to celebrate difference, fight for unity and support each other across their various industries through the fundamentals of fashion…

Conflict of Ego chews up and spits out the mundane concept of a brand, it is the fabric that weaves our lives, the cultural and social visage we wear to form our own expressions, our own voices, our own being.

“Different” but wearable. – COE is cut, stitched and suited to all moods.

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